City of Telc (UNESCO)

11 Apr

Telc aerial viewIn the 13th century in the Czech kingdom the cities began to develop. Originated either at the site of the old urban settlements, or the still vacant places.
In this period was also established the Old Town in Telc, which gradually merged with the castle courtyard and church.

In 1339 Oldrich of Hradec has bought the town, and although there is no document is believed he has have founded the New Town. Oldrich of Hradec was a member of an important family Vitek, which was settled in southern Bohemia.
The founders gave to the city ​​a number of rights, to make it independent, including litigation, but also a right to have a market, produce beer, etc. The centre of Telc was formed by the market surrounded by narrow houses. The marked was every week attended by traders from the neighborhood, but during the holidays came also the foreign traders.

After a fire in 1530, which destroyed part of the square, the town hall and the residence of Zacharias of Hradec are two other important moments in the development of Telc.  Zacharias of Hradec, a great politician and economist, has restructured the Gothic castle, creating a Renaissance residence. Even in the city fared well: the bourgeois houses were restored, the aqueduct and hospital were built…

In 1604 the town ownership passed into the hands of Svalatas from Chlumec. For the history of the town is important Jachym Oldrich Slavata’s wife who invited the Jesuits to built the college and the church of Jesus. The Jesuits remained until in Telc 1773 when the order was canceled by Pope Clement XIV.

The Lichtenstein-Kastelkorn are the last noble family related to the town of Telc; arrived in the year 1681 and remained until the end of World War II in 1945, when they had to leave the country.

Since 1970 is Telc a part of the national heritage and since 1992 is the city of Telc UNESCO listed.


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