Souvenirs from Prague

04 Apr

Bohemia CrystalThe center of Prague is full of shops selling “souvenirs of Prague.” In fact, I have not seen anywhere in the world so many tourist shops selling, among other, the same things. And of course these souvenirs in many cases has nothing to do with Prague and the Czech Republic.

There’s a lot of Bohemian Crystal shops that sell goods varying quality …some products are really beautiful and have great value, but then there are also goods of poor quality (at the end some shops are hoping that tourists buy anything)! Despite this fact, the Bohemian crystal souvenir of Prague is one of the most important … you just have to rely on honest negotiations!

Custom shirts, bags, etc. … everything with “Prague”. Well, this is a classic souvenir all around the world -Chinese products at low prices. Nothing against, if you like this kind of souvenirs and are aware that have nothing to do with Prague, buy it without any problems…

Czech GarnetAmber and garnet in Prague: garnet is a semiprecious stone that is mined in some parts of Bohemia. But the amber we import from Poland. So buy it if you like but keep in mind that has nothing to do with Prague. By the way if you like garnet I can recommend you to visit the Museum of garnet in Prague (Maiselova Str. 1)… it is one of the few places in Prague where you can be sure not to buy a piece of glass or PVC.


Among the many souvenirs of Prague I love the wooden toys and brain teasers. Wooden toys are really beautiful and fun and then, the Czech Republic has a long tradition of their craft production. Among the most typical brain teasers belongs undoubtedly the “Hedgehog in a cage (in Czech Jezek v kleci).”

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