The First Saint of Bohemia

25 Feb

St. Wenceslas murderIt makes sense that the transition from paganism to Catholicism is not simple even if it is desired by the central government. So, in the Bohemian pagan customs remain for a long time. There are already efforts in the period of Great Moravia, but initially without a large response of the people (the mission of Cyril and Methodius in 863).

As the first true “star” of Catholicism in the country can be considered the prince Wenceslas who ruled the country in the years 925-935 and thanks to his education is a moral and cultural authority among sovereigns of Europe, even if he has not a strong military support. He is one of the few who understand the importance of peace for the economic development of the state. Rather than risk war he paid tribute to Henry I of Saxony, said he found a powerful ally.

On September 28, 935 Prince Wenceslas was assassinated by his younger brother Boleslav, who represents the militant part of Bohemia. But only three years after his death the former Prince Wenceslas is back as the first saint of the country.

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