The Foundation of Prague

23 Feb

History of Prague“The foundation and development of the city are closely related to the presence of Bohemian kings at the Prague Castle.”

Jumping the period of Celtic settlement area of Central Bohemia becomes important with the family of Premyslid. They ruled the country from the late 9th century for more than 400 years and developed it in one of the most powerful kingdoms of Europe. With the development of the state flourishes also the city and Prague is fast becoming one of the largest commercial crossing in central Europe.  Already in the 11th century Prague become, thanks to safety and geography, a meeting place for European, Asians, Arabs and Jews traders. The Jewish community in town very soon receives a special significance.

Living in an international climate Bohemia abandons not only the pagan tradition but also its political and religious orientation to the East. Coming into contact with the Church of Rome Premyslid confirm their decision to become part of the euro-catholic culture. With some help of the kings started construction of churches, monasteries and even new cities of the Western type that subsequently acquire a key role in the administration and security across the country.

As an example may serve Prague: Old Town, New Town, Lesser Town and the Castle Town. The foundation of the four cities of Prague shows a huge increase in population due to two reasons: the lower mortality of children due to improved living conditions and many foreigners. So the Kingdom of Bohemia in a few centuries is transformed from a place almost unknown in one of the most important kingdoms of all Europe.


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