House Signs in Prague

21 Feb

House Sign 01On some old houses in the historical center of Prague you can find very special symbols. There are saints, animals, musical instruments or even everyday objects.

House signs on the buildings of Prague began to emerge in the second half of the 14th century. At the end of 14th century there were about 230 houses with signs in Prague. In the late 18th century bore the sign 892 houses. That time their main task, to facilitate orientation, began taking over the numbering of houses.

Usually the symbol tells us something about the history of the house … often reminds the owner’s name, sometimes his profession, occasionally refers to some of his passion, and so on. For example in Nerudova street you can find a house with three violins on the front … they refer to the three generations of violin makers who lived in this house.

To this day survived more than 200 house signs, but not all are original. Many signs perished during rendering. About 70 signs from demolished houses are located in the depositories of the Museum of the City of Prague. Many of signs that disappeared have been restored.


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