Visiting Prague in winter

10 Jan

Prague in winterPrague is beautiful city, even in winter. If you’ll decide to visit Prague in these days you’ll not make mistake.
The weather in Prague is not very cold, the temperature is usually few degrees above 0°.
All the tourist attractions are open all year round.

The visit of Prague in first months of the year has many positives, for example:

  • You can enjoy all the sights and tourist places without crowds.
  • The “real season” starts at Eastern, so you can get the accommodation for very good prices. Most of the hotels have special offers for these months, so you’ll definitely save money.

The offer of Prague’s travel agencies is a little changed in winter season, but you can find many interesting tours. What you should not miss is the Grand City Tour, which (if you will choose the right one :o) will give you the opportunity to visit all the most important places in a half day. Also the Boat Trip with dinner is perfect choice – it gets dark quite early, around 6 p.m., so you can really enjoy the lit up sights. You can also visit some places out of Prague. Many castles are closed during winter season, but you can still find some open castles which worth visit (for example Hluboka Castle (UNESCO) in South Bohemia or Zbiroh Castle in Central Bohemia).

If you would need any help with planning your holiday in Prague or Czech Republic do not hesitate to write me, I will be happy to help you with finding accommodation or planning your time.


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