Important Info About the Guided Tours in Prague

05 Nov

The offer of guided tours of Prague in English language is really wide. It could be quite hard to choose the one, which will be the best for you. I will try to write you some basic facts you should know before you decide for some tour.

It is a really good idea to take a guided tour in every big city that you haven’t seen yet. But you should do it on the first day of your stay to get immediately a general impression! Having the basic information you can better plan the rest of your stay. The tour guide can answer all your questions about the history and sights but usually he/she can give you also some tips for good restaurants, museums, concerts, etc.


Charles Bridge

Group City Tours of Prague are offered by many local travel agencies. The program is more or less the same, but you should read it before joining the tour. A good tour of Praga should include the Prague Castle, Lesser Town, Old Town and also a walk through the Charles Bridge. The tours are organized partly by bus and partly walking. You should also make sure that the tour will be guided only in one language. Many agencies are doing bilingual tours. It means that the guide speaks in two different languages, has not enough time for all the guests and half of the time, you have paid for, you hear something you don’t understand… Good city tours of Prague, which are guided only in one language and are for reasonable rice you can find for example at CzechHoliday.Info.


Astronomical Clock

Free Tours of Prague can be also a good idea! You can join this tour for free and simply tip the guide at the end of the visit. But these are only walking tours, so if you decide to visit for example the Prague Castle you must climb on the hill. Usually the groups are very large, so there’s no personal realtionship with the tour guide. But it’s true, the tour is free of charge and if you don’t like it you can leave it whenever you want! More information about the free tours of Prague you can find for example at


St. Vitus Cathedral

Private Tours of Prague is another way how to discover the city. It is for sure the most expensive one, but the price is not so high as you could imagine and it might be the most comfortable way how to discover the city because the program is made exactly to meet your needs. You can start the tour whenever you want. The service of the guide can be combined with transport services. More info about the private tours you can find for example at CzechHoliday.Info.

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